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Drake shows $ 750,000 Edward Richard Miller watch in Las Vegas

It's no surprise that Drake's outstanding career is based on his words and deeds, and his latest timepieces are equally respected.

The American rapper was spotted in Las Vegas, shaking the exclusive Richard Mille RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon (this is the real name) and OVO from Dreake himself Clothing brand black sportswear blazer.

This eye-catching watch was released by Swiss luxury watchmaker in 2015 and retails for $ 750,000. Just 30 examples to pay tribute to the brand's creative history.

As a tourbillon movement, the watch provides the wearer with a variety of private information as the note rotates on the dial.

The top bar has variable phrases such as: "I want"; "I need"; "I desire"; "I desire"; "I do" and "Let me"

The middle bar is connected to an adjective such as "explore". "Taste"; "kiss"; "cause"; "swallow"; and "caress" Bremont replica Watches

The bar at the bottom highlights the message with "Tonight." "Your lips"; "Your body"; "Your nipples"; "Your cat"; and "You are crazy"

Getting the right combination, it might show up as: "Let me devour your cat"

subtle. Surprisingly, Drake only chose to post the most conservative combination of messages to social media.

Richard Mille's amazing price tags come from appointments such as a Grade 5 titanium case and Oracle complications that mimic the Tibetan prayer wheel.

The question is, will you be shocked if you have $ 750,00 to spend on luxury watches replica sites ?

Brand Richard Mille
Range RM 069
Model RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon
Case material Titanium,Round
Movement Manual Winding
Gender men
Case Size 50.00x42.70 mm
Thickness 16.15 mm
Crystal Sapphire
Water resistance 50 m
Dial Color Black
Features Hours,Minutes,Power Reserve,Tourbillon
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Bracelet material Rubber

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