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we supply for thin backlit fabric for light box high quality with confidence in textiles 6 years .
Product introduction: this product can used for foreground display cloth
Product parameters :
Product features and applications:
This product is very soft, very thick, there are clips, suitable for shade cloth, and the color is very bright
Product main picture

Factory picture:
Related corroboration (certificate):
REACH certificate.pdf
B1 certificate .pdf
FAQ:FAQ of the thin backlit fabric for lgith box
1. Why is your company's light box cloth more expensive than other stores?
Different companies, the production process is not the same, may be one or two less in the process, then the cost will be very different, you can compare our products with other companies' products, you will find our products The advantage lies.
2. What is the MOQ of your product?
The general MOQ is 1000 square meters.
3. Before we cooperate, I would like to see if your factory can?
Of course, you can set a good time with our salesman. After you arrive in Haining, our salesman will receive you and will be accompanied by you all the time, so that you can understand everything you want to know in the shortest possible time.Sublimation Light Box Fabric manufacturers

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