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PDLC laminated smart film is a liquid crystal ( LC ) produce based on polymer dispersed liquid crystal ( PDLC ) technology and two semiconductor films of indium tin oxide ( ITO ) films used as electrodes. Protective layers of thermoplastic ( PET ) are used to protect the film from scratches . The transparency of the smart film can be adjusted with the help of alternating current. Smart film is made of two types - self-adhesive, which can be glued to ordinary glass, and not a self-adhesive film used for the production of smart glass.
Self-adhesive Switchable Film, consist of protective film, ITO film and liquid crystal polymer(LCP), can make glass transmitted from transparent to opaque by supply voltage, like the smart switchable glass. It is transparent when power on while it is opaque when power off. This film is better solution to installed ordinary glass or the project of the ordinary glass which needs to be projected because it can be sealed on the glass surface directly without removing the glass.
Switch-OFF for privacy protection, switch-ON for great vision.
Shielding for privacy: this film is an intelligent switchable film, sealed on glass directly, can transmit the light to scattering by supply voltage to present the glass with self-adhesive film.
Energy saving and cost reducing: This film, sealed on the construction glass, has the characteristics of excellent heat resistance to reduce the interior solar energy and electricity energy of air-conditioner. The data shows that the construction energy consumption is more than 25% of the total energy consumption, and the energy consumption of windows and doors is about 50% of the construction energy consumption, even it loses 70% by the glass transmission. If the interior temperature reduced 1℃, the electric consumption would increase 6%. Therefore, the self-adhesive film can reduce the interior temperature when it is opaque while the outdoor temperature is ultra high.
Residential buildings, such as bathrooms, room partitions/windows, windows in balcony, cinema curtain, etc.
Office buildings, such as room partitions/windows, windows in balcony, project curtain in meeting room, etc.
Hospitals, to act as partitions, or curtains, or windows.
Banks, jewelry shops, museums, etc.
Any further questions, please do not hesitate to inform us! We will reply you at first time with our professional and warm-hearted service.
Welcome your first try order.China Laminated Smart Film factory

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