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Many people were skeptical when the Bengals signed Bobby Hart off the scrap heap http://www.tennesseetitansteamonline.com/a.j.-brown-jersey , and he ended up starting all 16 games for them last year.Many more people were skeptical when the Bengals signed Hart to a three-year, $21 million contract in free agency.But Bengals vice president Tory Blackburn defended the move, or at least the move in context of the market.“For those who say you shouldn’t have signed Bobby Hart, who is going to play right tackle?” Blackburn said. “Who? Oh, maybe you’ll draft one in the third round and he’ll come on. Really? You’re going to bet your season on that? We may still draft somebody. We haven’t had the draft yet. But you just can’t criticize. In our business you have to solve the problem. If you’re not going to play him, tell me who? Trent Brown at 17 million? Really? A seventh-round draft pick? Let go essentially by his team. Really? We can’t go to WalMart and buy off the shelf. A high quality starting right tackle? That doesn’t exist [in free agency].“You have to deal in the universe of options you have. We ended up signing eight guys. That’s probably above average. Were they perfect? You’re not going to get perfect. . . . There aren’t perfect options out there. We asked Willie Anderson if he could go to a time machine and come back at age 25. We’d love to sign him, but you have to deal in your universe of options. I think the data would say we signed more guys than most in line with the cap that we talked about. If there are surprises out there we’ll try to be flexible and aggressive, but normally there are no surprises out there.”There’s a lot to unpack there http://www.tennesseetitansteamonline.com/amani-hooker-jersey , beginning with how absurdly defensive Blackburn sounds (Terrell later noted that’s just how he talks).He’s not the only one to raise an eyebrow at the Raiders signing Brown to a four-year $66 million contract. The year before, the 49ers basically gave him away for 48 spots in draft order (they got New England’s third rounder, which they used on safety Tarvarius Moore, and sent their fifth-rounder back to the Patriots. Also, the Patriots will probably get a third-round comp pick next year for letting him walk). But the Raiders had to have him, as the move was the first one announced, minutes into the legal tampering period.There’s a difference between not doing a big bad deal, and spending less but still overpaying for a known commodity. Being a reliable Bengals offensive lineman isn’t the same as being good Taylor Rapp Jersey , and they seemed to pay a premium for a guy they had familiarity with. And the fact Blackburn had to go to such great lengths to defend the deal probably isn’t a good sign. OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Adam Vinatieri has made plenty of tougher kicks in his career. The two last-second field goals to win Super Bowls, a 45-yarder through the snow to win a playoff game and 46 field goals from at least 50 yards in the regular season and postseason.Vinatieri’s 25-yarder at the end of the second quarter in Indianapolis’ 42-28 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday will surely be one he never forgets.With that kick, Vinatieri passed Hall of Famer Morten Andersen to become the NFL’s all-time leading scorer. He added three extra points in the fourth quarter to give him 2,550 for his career — six more than Andersen.“I never thought I’d play that long,” said the 45-year-old Vinatieri, who is in his 23rd NFL season. “I never thought I’d be standing here talking to you guys about all-time records. But I love my teammates — all of them — for the last 20-something years, unselfishly going out there and helping me do my job. A lot of great memories along the way. I think that’s the best part about this day — less the record and more that we got the record in a win.”Vinatieri wasn’t sure the record would come this week after re-injuring his right groin last week against Buffalo. He was limited in practice this week but was healthy enough to play the game.He made an extra point and a 26-yard field goal in the first quarter to tie Andersen’s record before hitting the kick at the end of the half that made him No. 1 by himself.“I played against him back in 2007 Shareef Miller Jersey , when he was in Atlanta and it might have been about his last year and I just thought, ‘Man, this is unbelievable. This is a record that will never be touched,'” Vinatieri said. “He’s done it so long for so many years and so prolifically, that you know I just thought, man, it’s untouchable. But I guess as you keep going and you just stack years upon years, the numbers start stacking up.”Vinatieri entered the league with New England as an undrafted free agent out of South Dakota State. He won the job with the Patriots his first season and helped the team reach the Super Bowl.Vinatieri reached legendary status in the 2001 season when his 45-yard field goal on a snowy night shortly after the Patriots were given a reprieve by the “Tuck Rule” against the Raiders forced overtime in a playoff game. He kicked a game-winner in overtime to send the Patriots to the AFC championship game.He then made the winning 48-yard kick on the final play of the Super Bowl to lead the Patriots to their first championship and help launch a dynasty.Vinatieri made the winning 41-yarder two years later with four seconds left to help New England beat Carolina for a second title. He won the Super Bowl again the following year with New England and then after the 2006 season with the Colts.He’s still going strong more than a decade later.“I really don’t think we fully appreciate what just happened Germaine Pratt Jersey , or really playing with Vinny,” quarterback Andrew Luck said. “He doesn’t make a big deal out of anything. He approaches everything with such a professionalism and humility and deflects attention, that I think we get blinded to how great — truly great, great — he is. I love playing with him. He’s taught me so much about how to handle yourself and about how to be a pro.”

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