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 Betreff des Beitrags: Planning your exit
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Planning your exit

Since no human can see into the future, unfortunately new and experienced traders alike will sometimes have to contend with losing trades.

Emotions can run high at these times. Watching your hard-earned money being depleted from your account is an uncomfortable experience - and it can compromise your decision-making abilities.

That's why it's important to decide - right at the outset - where you'll get out if this trade doesn't go well.

Rule 1: always have an exit strategy
You need an exit plan - a strategy for managing the risk of the position, so that one bad trade won't wipe out a significant chunk of your trading capital. But simply telling yourself where you want to get out may not be enough.

Consider the scenario: you head to bed for the night with a position going well, but by the time you wake up in the morning the market has taken a turn against you.

Or perhaps you're watching a position while travelling on the train. You enter an area with no mobile or wifi service, and by the time you get back online the market has moved past your planned exit level.

Shutter stock
So once you’ve decided where you’ll close the trade, you need an automated mechanism to protect you when you’re not in control. And that’s our second rule:

Rule 2: set a stop
Setting a stop reinforces your exit strategy. The resting order will close your position if the market hits the level you specify, even if you're not logged in to your platform at the time.

It also removes the need for you to make a difficult decision under pressure.

It's easy to disregard the emotional aspects of trading. But, especially when you're new to the markets and still learning, the rollercoaster of feelings created by losing a trade can have a substantial impact.

Let's say you take a long position and the market immediately starts to rise, putting you into profit. However, suddenly it goes into a sharp reversal, and to your dismay your winning trade rapidly turns into a loser.As the position drives further below your entry price, you keep hoping for recovery. But that hope turns into wishful thinking as prices continue to deteriorate.Finally, you're left with a feeling of desperation. It's clear that prices aren't coming back anytime soon, and you have no choice but to realise a loss.

Price chart
In this situation, the financial impact certainly stings. But it's the emotional toll that can make your next trade more complicated, as you try to recover. Just one idea that didn't work out could define how you move forward in a market. For example, you might feel tempted to rush into a new position without proper consideration, in an effort to claw back your losses as quickly as possible.

One easy way to help avoid this issue is to decide where to set your stop before opening a position, and set it up while executing the trade, so your position is never left unprotected.

With a stop-loss order in place at your pre-defined exit level, if that price is met you don't have to make a decision about to what to do. You've done your planning in advance, and your position is closed for you.

Lesson summary
Every trader needs to be prepared to suffer some losses
Always plan where you'll exit a trade if it doesn't go well
Set a stop to close the position automatically for you

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 Betreff des Beitrags: https://nortononlinehelp.com
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Super Neuigkeiten

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 Betreff des Beitrags: he Giants won’t have as many open p
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With the Andrew Luck retirement dominating the NFL discussion for the past three days http://www.clevelandbrownsteamonline.com/sione-takitaki-jersey , it may be easy to forget that a new episode of airs every Tuesday night. It does, with the fourth episode of the 2019 season debuting tonight.Now that the Antonio Brown helmet fiasco has ended and his feet have regrown their skin, there will be less natural interest in the show than there was a week ago, especially in the Schadenfreude City, where the folks residing along the Three Rivers generated triple the national average rating for the third episode.This week Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , the big news is old news — the Thursday night debacle in Winnipeg, where the Raiders hosted the Packers on a shortened field that, in the one-minute teaser trailer, Oakland coach Jon Gruden calls “Arena Football.”There’s a chance Arena Football would generate higher ratings than tonight. Last week, the audience sunk by 12.5 percent Kaleb McGary Jersey , even though AB was still the A topic. This week, unless sprinkles in some footage of Luck being peppered with boos and otherwise covers the unexpected trials and tribulations of the team the Raiders play in Week Four of the regular season, it will be a challenge to generate much/any interest. The Giants won’t have as many open practices as their divisional rivals in Dallas or Washington during training camp this summer, but they’re well ahead of Philadelphia.The team announced its plans for camp on Thursday. There will be 10 practices open to the public at the team’s training center, which is a stone’s throw from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford Kendall Sheffield Jersey , New Jersey.Giants veterans are set to report to camp on July 24 and the first open practice will be held on the afternoon of July 25. Attendance and parking at all 10 practices will be free, although the Giants suggest fans register in advance in order to ensure there’s space for them to watch Daniel Jones, Eli Manning and players vying for other spots on the roster.The final open practice will come on August 13, which is a few days before the Giants will face the Bears in their second preseason game of the summer.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: y good players, but I just pick their brain when
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LAKE FOREST Rock Ya-Sin Jersey , Ill. (AP) — Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky seemed to care little Wednesday about being selected NFC offensive player of the week.With the Bears clicking on offense at an elevated rate, Trubisky is too focused on improving some gaps of inconsistency in the attack to care about honors or criticism.“It’s cool, but people talked so bad about me last week, so why should this week be any different?” Trubisky said. “So I got recognized for playing well, I expect to play well. Coach Nagy expects me to play well.“I got better from the week before, so I’m embracing that process, just continuously getting better and better.”The Bears (6-3) head into their showdown for first place in the NFC North on Sunday night at Soldier Field against the defending division champion Minnesota Vikings (5-3-1) surprisingly strong on both sides of the football, but still seeing obvious areas to improve.And Matt Nagy would rather they’re focused on Minnesota and a game flexed to prime time than awards or other diversions.“We talk about poison, the noise, we talk about earmuffs, we talk about horse blinders,” the coach said. “You know http://www.clevelandbrownsteamonline.com/anthony-zettel-jersey , don’t worry about anything, you just keep playing. If you played a good game great, now next game. And if you played a bad game, now next game, and you just stay straight ahead.”Trubisky’s career-best 355-yard passing day last Sunday gave the Bears a 34-22 win over the Detroit Lions for their first divisional victory since Halloween 2016. He went 23 for 30 and had three touchdown passes, while also running for a TD.“I think just good feet, good eyes and I just played with conviction,” Trubisky said. “I made a decision that I was just in a good mind state, just go out there and play confident.”Trubisky has four 300-yard passing games, tied for best by a Bears quarterback in a single season. It’s fostering anticipation he’ll improve even more.“He’s slowly improving, which I love,” Nagy said. “It’s not going to be an overnight thing; he had a good game and we want to continue to have those good games. But there’s a process to it.”Trubisky made his first start against the Vikings last year in a 20-17 loss http://www.detroitlionsteamonline.com/jahlani-tavai-jersey , and threw an interception to Harrison Smith in the closing minutes to seal the verdict.“I think I’ve grown a lot since that play,” Trubisky said. “I’m not the same player, not even close. I’ve got better since that instance and I’m excited for the opportunity this weekend.”The Bears won a game over Carolina later in the year when Trubisky completed only four passes.So much has changed with the Bears since that point in the fifth game last year, including Nagy’s hiring. The trade for pass rusher Khalil Mack and the turnaround under their new coach have led to renewed vitality at Halas Hall. They’ve become a hot ticket for the television networks, as their home game with the Los Angeles Rams was flexed Wednesday into a Sunday night contest.“It’s a great vibe around the building now,” Trubisky said. “The culture has definitely changed and there’s a better vibe around the city in how people view the Bears and how they see us.”The offense is still only 20th at passing but is 10th in touchdown passes with 19. Trubisky’s passer rating of 101.6 is higher than those of Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Deshaun Watson, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.Yet Nagy sounded a cautionary note earlier this week about the team’s running attack.“You can’t go through this thing and be one-dimensional,” Nagy said. “It’s just too easy for defenses.”Jordan Howard hasn’t had a 100-yard rushing game this season and the Bears had 64 and 54 yards rushing the last two games, respectively.“Keep doing our job and the passing game can keep airing it — it will open up the run,” tackle Charles Leno Jr. said. “We’ve just got to get (Howard) and (Tarik Cohen) the ball more and those guys will make plays http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/kahale-warring-jersey , and we’re just going to do a better job.”The other problem area is the kicking game after Cody Parkey nailed the uprights four times on misses in last week’s game. So Parkey was slated to practice kicking Wednesday night at Soldier Field because Sunday’s game is at night.“I mean, it can’t hurt,” Parkey said.Parkey was lampooned on the “Tonight Show” by Jimmy Fallon for hitting the uprights. Parkey sounded a bit like Trubisky when asked if he’d heard this.“No,” Parkey said. “I (couldn’t) care less.” The Cowboys have depth on their defensive line and could have even more if the NFL reinstates Randy Gregory before the start of the season. The competition for playing time in the front four will be among the most-watched battles in training camp.Shakir Soto signed with the Cowboys despite knowing what he faced to make the team.He saw work at nose tackle and under tackle in the Cowboys’ offseason program. “I just have to play my game,” Soto said, via Nick Eatman of the team website. “I know we’ve got some really good players, but I just pick their brain when I can and try to learn from them. And when it’s my time to shine, just go out there and make plays. That’s really all I can do.”Soto went undrafted out of University of Pittsburgh in 2017 but signed with the Broncos. He spent most of last season on the Raiders’ practice squad.Soto was one of the top defensive players in the Alliance of American Football before it folded. He made four sacks, five tackles for loss and six quarterback hits for the San Diego Fleet.

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