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The clutch of drilling machines
Product overview
Many industries are widely used in hundreds or even thousands of Watts kilowatt electric motor or an engine to drive heavy load. Because theload of such heavy equipment is very large when starting, when theheavy equipment is directly connected with the high power motor or internal combustion engine by traditional coupling, Oil and Gas Drilling EquipmentClutches is a pneumatic clutch according to their different structure can be divided into two types of ordinary clutch and ventilation type clutch.
1.Common type
Depending the Pneumatic delivers to torque the construction is simple make and installing the technique request to be low thermolysis would be better to not as good as ventilated type the Pneumatic capacity is bigger the aeration and deflate time longer easy isslippery.
2.Ventilated type
Aim at the not enough an a kind of spirit for but developing clutch in common type increased on the construction a set of spread the heat spread it can equip.

Product application
This product is suitable forAgricultural, breweries, canning, ceramics and building material, chemical, lumber and woodworking, marine, metal forming and fabricating, paper, petroleum, rubber and plastics, steel, turbines, sugar and starch.
Product model
(pneumatic type, ventilation clutch list)
Clutches And Brakes factory

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