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I ��m old when I ��m not careful ����this sentence comes from a 25-year-old Wen Qing girl, which is Wen Qing-style ridicule or humor; and if it comes from a man's mouth, it is bound to be arrogant. But another On the one hand, this is also my real confusion and feeling at the moment. It goes without saying that time is like flowing water, "The deceased is like a husband, who does not leave day and night"! Be careful not to be careful, you must flush people to "old" This station. No matter how romantic and talented you are, and no matter how charming and charming you are, "Old" is a station you must "visit here." But why am I old? What did I eat last night? I often can't remember it, but I don't remember the first few pages when I read the book. On physical strength, when I climb Taishan to the top of the mountain, I am afraid that it will be difficult. The old proof is not without it. For example, when I looked at women, my eyes almost fluttered into pretty shapes. Now, in addition to being pretty, I also pay attention to temperament. In poetry, I like "the wind and the waves will have a long time." Yunhangji "The sea" Marlboro Red, nowadays, I even appreciate "when I reach the poor places in the water and sit and watch the clouds rise"; I recite the words, "I will pass through the rocks, the shore will be beaten by the waves, and a thousand piles of snow will be rolled up." "The flower blooms on Mo, you can return slowly"; when you read the article, you had a soft spot for complex and gorgeous parallelism, but now you have no idea about the charm of everyday sexual words; seeing the scene, it was even more glorious Dongsheng's magnificent passion is exuberant, and now it is the low-level recirculation of Xihui on the slopes of the dogtail grass. In contrast, you are still old, carelessly old, and deliberately old. Immediately wonder: if Someone gave me a return ticket to let me return to the youth station, so what would I do? Dancing and dancing? But not necessarily. Not to mention other, adolescent-specific troubles are enough to torture people, let alone talk about love again, Today's girls are said to be more difficult to coax than in the past. Of course, it is not impossible to fool a girl through Kaobo due to the countryman's stubborn temper and not stupid head Cigarettes Online. Is it okay to just look at writing thesis? The problem is to go to the Finance Department to queue up the tutor to reimburse the project funds and check the information now. I ca n��t repeat, trouble, but at the same time, how eager I am to repeat it again! If I can go back to the youth station Online Cigarettes, I want to be a good son first. Township visits their parents, then brings them to their side, talks with them more, observes their minds, and fulfills their less wishes; secondly, being a good father is more concerned about whether he is cheerful, Happiness and health; once again being a good husband, I ��m going to do housework. However, life is like a pawn crossing the river, and there is no return ticket! Why do I get old by accident?
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