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Company Profile
1.Our company has nearly 16 years experience in automation field, modern production workshop nearly 20000 square meters, with abundant strength, leading manufacturer for metal coil automatic stamping line in guangdong
2.Our company has more than 100 excellent employees and more than 10 skilled engineers, and here are many national intellectual patent, independent research and production design, we have also cooperate with large number of well-known partners in china include byd, Toyota, the Great Wall automobile, haier, gree, midea, hisense, and have sold the machine abroad to 30 country, including Russia, united kingdom, india, Thailand, Malaysia, indonisia, America, Egypt, Turkey etc
3.The machines which produced by us has strict product inspection and acceptance through the ISO9000, CQC, such as strict product quality authentication etc, after a long test time after finish it, we need to ensure that each line will work well to meet customer鈥檚 request
4.Our company has been adhering to the "honesty, keep promise" for the purpose of the service, keep on "quality first, customer first, technology innovation, sustainable improvement, mutual benefit and co-prosperity" concept for the cooperation, welcome to all kinds of stamping manufacturer from all over the world come to visit us.
Our Product
Decoiler machine, 3in1 Coil Feeder machine, Uncoiler machine, Straightener machine, NC servo feeder machine, Cut to length line, Slitting line, 2in1 straightener cum uncoiler machine, High speed feeder line, Other customize feeder line
Product Application
Metal stamping, Automobile parts stamping, Air condition parts stamping etc
Our Certificate
CE锛孖SO锛孭atent Certification etc
Production Equipment
CNC milling machine, Lath machine, Welding machine, Metal cutting machine, Bending machine, Digital drilling machine etc
Production Market
We have sold machine to 30 country over the world, including Russia, America, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonisia, Singapore, Philippines, India, United Kingdom etc, and has many representive in those country to provide high quality after service
Our Service
Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Sample testing support.
* Visit our factory.
* Send quotation with drawing
After-Sales Service
Training how to install the machine and how to use the machine.
Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
24 hours online consultation to solve the problemChina 3In1 NC Steel Coil Feeder Straightener Machine manufacturers

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